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Welcome to Westward Gallery, established in September 1995. Upon opening, our Internet gallery included over 600 hot air balloon images from the 1995 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® as well as dozens of scenes from New Mexico, America's Land of Enchantment. Today you can view the works of our photographers and artists exclusively through our FlipAlbum exhibits. Please note that when you click on one of our exhibit links, you will automatically launch the FlipViewer Lite® application from the Internet.

Legacy Collection I - This FlipAlbum includes Westward Gallery exhibits previously displayed in other formats. Exhibits include:

  • Cowboy Life
  • Southwestern Desert
  • Canyons of America
  • Flowers and Floral Gardens

Legacy Collection II - This FlipAlbum includes hot air and gas ballooning scenes previously displayed in other formats in our gallery since 1995.

If you already have FlipAlbum or FlipViewer installed on your computer system, Please use the following links to view our collections:

FlipAlbum® is the world's first software to automatically organize digital images into realistic page-flipping picture albums! If you have not viewed a digital publication produced with FlipAlbum® before, you will need to install a special FREE album viewer called the FlipViewer.

To get the FlipViewer, please visit
http://www.flipviewer.com/download/fv .




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