Warning: Internet Addiction

While no one WE know is addicted to the internet, in the interest of public awareness, we are making public these symptoms to point out to our members some of the sure signs of Internet Addiction.

You are probably addicted to the Internet if:

oYou find yourself dreaming in HTML.

oYou start typing a "com" after each period on your word-processor.com

oAll of your friends have an "@" somewhere in their names.

o You will not call your mother, because she doesn't have a modem, or e-mail address.

oYou immediately check your email again, if the first time it says "no messages".

o Your phone bill weighs 30 lbs or more.

o You tell the cabbie http://321 Main Street/residence.htm.

oIf you just tried to look up the address given in the previous symptom.


oYou install a second computer, modem and phone line, so you can spend some quality time with your spouse.


o If, when your modem breaks, you put the phone line up to your mouth, and make raspberries trying to get connected.

And the one sure way to tell if you are addicted:

oWhen, after making raspberries in last symptom... you DO get connected!

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